Denmarks first stockings made of recycled nylon

February 09, 2018

Denmarks first stockings made of recycled nylon

- From waste to high-end designer tights


Did you know that the production of tights is one of the most polluting industries in the world? Tights are typically made of harmful petroleum through chemical processes with waste and chemistry that end up in nature and in the tights. In addition, it takes nylon stockings 40-50 years to decompose and therefore they contaminate our nature long after they have been thrown out.


The Danish design and fashion company, Dear Denier, intend to do something about this. They are now launching a collection of next level sustainable black tights in 20, 40 and 80 denier. All created from a new technology that makes it possible to regenerate waste from nylon production and make it into new nylon - and still maintain a high quality. In addition, the yarn is Oeko-Tex®, Ecolabel and Global Recycled Standard certified - and the production takes place in zero-waste factories with a great focus on minimizing environmental impact by for example cleaning wastewater, using solar power and ozone plants.


In other words the end product is high-end fashion tights that you can wear with a green conscience. And they even come in the finest boxes that can be used and reused for storage of everything from jewelry to makeup.


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To learn more about the product - how it's made, it's ECO labels, the material and so on you can read the product brochure.

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The Lærke Eco Black 80 Denier

Dear Denier stockings recycled nylon Lærke Eco

The product packaging and display

Table display tray signature box packaging Dear Denier