Launch of new visual identity and packaging

October 03, 2017

Launch of new visual identity and packaging

A different type of socks and tights company requires a different kind of look than the rest. Dear Denier has existed for nearly five years now, and we have undergone a huge development throughout the years. As a company we have matured alongside with you our beloved clients. Therefore it is now time to shed the old Dear Denier look and launch a new look based on our core values; simplicity, quality and uniqueness. The new identity will be phased in over the next months.

We have updated our visual identity so that we distinguish ourselves from other brands in the category and so that our brand identity connects even better with the DNA of Dear Denier and our clients. We are a company in constant change as we strive to become better every day. Better at knowing your needs, so that we can connect our designs and products and processes to better suit them.

Our new packaging will be phased in

The launch of the new visual identity means that our lovely muse and white/pink characteristics will be replaced by a more modern type look based on simplicity, quality, and uniqueness. It is stylish and differentiates us from our competitors as we are a different type of company. We are changing the packaging over the next months. Therefore you will still see our old packaging in the stores and on our website.

A different type of company

We are a small Danish company who designs, produces and sells tights and stockings on the Danish market as well as in other countries. The company is founded on an entrepreneurial spirit and approach. Katrine – the founder and owner – worked in the fashion industry for many years before founding Dear Denier. As a sales representative for many big fashion brands she visited a lot of fashion stores in her career. She noticed the lack of quality socks and tights selling for a reasonable price. Therefore she decided to launch Dear Denier.

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Dear Denier has for many years been a one-person company but recently Katrine’s husband quitted his job in the financial industry to support her in pursuing the dream – to deliver quality products in cool Scandinavian design at fair prices. As we are not a big company with many employees and huge marketing budgets we are able to price our products better than many of our competitors. Meaning that you get more bang for the buck when it comes quality.

Bonus: How to know good quality vs. bad quality

Quality socks and tights can be identified by no shrinkage when washing right, durability when wearing and by the feel of the materials.

The next time you are shopping for socks or tights try to compare and feel our products versus other cheaper and even also products at the same price. You can feel the difference. Of course you should always make a price/quality assessment and decide on your price level. However as in so many other aspects in life – if it seems to good to be true - for the most part it is.

Our products will last if you wash them as prescribed and use your common sense when wearing. Typically cheaper bad quality socks and tights will not.

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