Sustainable premium socks and tights in Danish design

October 18, 2017

Sustainable premium socks and tights in Danish design


At Dear Denier we believe in sustainable fashion and high quality.

The hosiery industry has for many years been characterised by a use-and-dispose mentality and cheap socks and stockings in less good quality are dominating in many shops and in the fashion.
However, we believe that it is possible to make high quality products in great design that lasts longer applying sustainable principles to materials, production, packaging, and shipping at very competitive prices.
We design our products in Copenhagen and produce them in small carefully selected Italian factories – typically family owned through generations – with the most sophisticated machines and technical know-how enabling us to create products that fully lives up to our high standards concerning quality and sustainability.
We spend a lot of time on developing, designing and testing our products and we only select the best materials so we can offer you beautiful socks and stockings that not only looks great, feels great and are comfortable on your skin and body but also are durable and lasts longer. Our hope is that you stop buying 4-5 pair of cheaper socks and stockings to use-and-dispose and in stead opt in for quality products that simply last longer if you take care of it.
We always strive to use sustainable materials and production methods as well as to limit our carbon footprint. The majority of our products are therefore OEKO-TEX® certified and all our factories comply with applicable EU legislation on working and environmental conditions.

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Photo credit
Photographer: Josephine Svane
Stylist: Maria Barfod