January 29, 2019


There are many opinions on what makes a pair of tights perfect. We all have different ideas and feelings about this, we use the tights for different purposes and our bodies have different shapes (and thank god for that).

Something most people can agree on though is the fact that it is not nice to wear a pair of tights that does not fit our body. However, I myself unfortunately know the feeling too good of wearing a pair of tights that was not made for my body. It is a living hell. That was also the reason why I launched Dear Denier in the first place.

Even though I consider myself a person with a positive mind it can totally ruin my day to constantly be reminded in all sorts of ways by my tights that they are not made for me.

And I know that I am not alone on this issue.

Through the years a lot of women have told us about their pains when it comes to wearing tights. Sagging, pinching, rolling and bad quality are just some of the issues mentioned most often. 

It simply shouldn't be like this. We deserve better. It is as simple as that 

That is the reason why we have designed what - in our humble opinion - embodies the perfect tights. Our seamless style Erika Eco.

Erika Eco 50 denier

When we designed the Erika Eco collection we had all of the above in mind. We wanted to create a pair of intelligent tights that you do not feel you are wearing.

They should adapt to your body and your movements and just feel good and look good. You should be wearing the tights in stead of the tights wearing you. Got that:-) 

Not many know it but to make a pair of premium tights - of a certain quality that you cannot buy in let's say the supermarket - takes a lot of effort, know-how, machinery and technology. 

Therefore the design process also took quite some time when trying to make THE PERFECT TIGHTS. We had a lot of prototyping and testing before we could start production. 

The result however is second to none. We are so happy that we were able to introduce a new and better product into the world last year. 

The new wave of comfortable and no bulls*** hosiery

The Erika Eco is a comfortable, soft and sporty premium pair of tights made out of a hi-tech recycled nylon called Q-Nova® in a zero waste factory.  

Erika Eco 80 Denier

To increase comfort we have removed the classic seams from front to back as well as the gusset.

We also added a handsewn wide responsive waistband and used 3D knitting technology for extra durability and a super snug fit.

The Erika tights come in four deniers (15, 30, 50, 80) and soon in two waistband versions; a wide and an extra wide (fall). 

They are actually tights as we think tights should always have been. Made for women by women with no compromises AND with regard to nature.

What makes your tights perfect? Feel free to give us your opinion on what makes the perfect tights for you. Just write us at development@deardenier.com.

By the way you can check out the full Erika Eco Collection by clicking here

All the best,
Katrine (founder and head designer)

Katrine Drost Lewinsky founder and designer Dear Denier