We have a dream...

About a healthy future. A future where all consumers and all manufacturers agree that the climate crisis is real and something we can fix by standing together and make the right decisions. Not driven by capital but by purpose.

The hosiery industry and consumption is broken. And has been for more than 60 years. Hosiery was once a luxury good made to last. Now, hosiery is to more than 80% of consumers a product we buy alongside our groceries. Consumers has for too long accepted hosiery to be a single-use product. But we can do better. It does not have to be this way. We can use hosiery and protect our planet and the people who make the products at the same time.

our mission

Our mission is to overcome the environmental and ethical challenges of traditional hosiery production and make the most sustainable products possible without compromising on the quality.

Our approach merges science and fashion and we work closely with innovative yarn and hosiery manufacturers as well as with scientists in the field of sustainability.

Our methods enables us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, pollution, water and energy consumption.

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