THE dear denier recycling initiative

be part of a solution - not the problem

Every time you save one pair of tights from the bin we save almost one kg of CO2!

Let us recycle your discarded nylon socks and tights - no matter the brand

Recycle and save money at the same time

Send 3 or more pairs of worn-out nylon socks or nylon tights to our recycling warehouse and let us recycle them for you. 

When you send them directly to us we will offer you a 10% discount on your next online purchase. Just include your name and e-mail in the parcel along with your old tights. 

Ship your old tights to:

Dear Denier
Peter Bangs Vej 53, st. 4
2000 Frederiksberg

Remember to include your name and e-mail.

our recycling Initiative

recycling partners

To make it even easier for you to be part of the solution we are teaming up with retailers around the world and making our recycling bins and logistics available free of charge for them. This gives you two opportunities to make sure that your old socks and tights end up being recycled, and not in landfills polluting our planet.

You can drop them off at one of the retailers participating in The Dear Denier Recycling Initiative or you can send them directly to us.

When dropping off your old socks and tights at one of our recycling partners they will make sure that we receive the discarded tights.

The list of participating recycling partners is growing every day making it easy for you to find a drop-off point close to you.

see the list of participating retailers