For more than 60 years the hosiery industry has been making the same products in the same way using the same materials. Nylon and elastane are the preferred materials when making tights. Both are synthetic materials and nylon is a plastic material derived from crude oil and chemically processed. It is an extremely water and energy consuming process which results in high GHG emissions, excessive use of water, energy and environmental pollution. 

Dear Denier represent an ethical and eco-friendly alternative.

Based on our sustainability framework we have identified six key areas in which we have been able to reduce the environmental impact significantly compared to "the usual way" and hereby disrupt the hosiery industry.

To us, sustainability is a journey with no end-destination. That is why we work systematically and focused - with experts - in each of the six areas to come up with new and better solutions. 

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End of life

To further the circularity of our production we have made the Dear Denier Recycling Initiative, where we use your old tights to make new products as well as for experiments in the hope of finding innovative ways to recycle worn-out tights.

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